neigh_slayer: by melplayspersonal (All The Life)
Centorea "Cerea" Shianus ([personal profile] neigh_slayer) wrote in [personal profile] violinsnbobbles 2016-07-15 08:08 pm (UTC)

At first, Centorea was a little miffed that another girl like herself had arrived. As selfish as it seemed, she enjoyed being the sole representative of her kind. It made her feel important, when the truth was she was just a regular girl. Well, as regular as a centaur could be.

She'd managed to swallow these feelings as a proper knight should. When it came time for lunch, she decided a full meal would get her head straightened out. But it should've come to no surprise that the 'other girl' would eye the same things she was. She blinked rapidly, thrown off for a moment. "Ah... my apologies..."

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