violinsnbobbles: (^__^)
Kotomi Ichinose ([personal profile] violinsnbobbles) wrote 2016-07-17 08:05 am (UTC)


Kotomi looked puzzled at the centaur's sudden panic, seeing her straighten so quickly, but at the mention that she had the intention of eating with her, the holstaur smiled, before speaking in her usual whisper. Her hooves clanked on the floor as she wrapped a hand around Centorea's.

"Come with me to an empty table. We can eat together there. Make yourself comfortable, Centorea-chan." Kotomi's tail wagged happily at the thought of another monster-person that would be a friend. "My name is Kotomi Ichinose. I am a student at Class 3A. My hobby is reading books. I would like to be friends with you."

Her hooves clanked against the ground again as she led Centorea on, like a girl leading another to something fun to watch, carrying a inhumanly large tray of greens just for the two of them. "Let's go eat, Cerea-chan."

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