violinsnbobbles: (Hey)
Kotomi Ichinose ([personal profile] violinsnbobbles) wrote 2016-07-26 04:10 am (UTC)

As the human book One Hundred Years of Solitude read, in this case more by a scatterbrained bovine girl rather than a scatterbrained alchemist, 'everything is known'. The encyclopedical knowledge of two civilizations was successfully stored into Kotomi's slow mind by gleefully sacrificing all unnecessary social skills beside 'My name is Kotomi Ichinose. I like reading books. I would like to become friends with you'.

"Moooo...!" Centorea's hand outright disappeared beneath Kotomi's chest. Which, was even bigger than Centorea's own, both of which bumped together. "Thank you, Cerea-chan. I will be happy to show you everything in there."

Then, finally kneeling and sitting over her strange legs, the cow-girl ate from the same salad in peaceful crunches. Before offering Centorea more bites throughout the lunch time.

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