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Kotomi Ichinose ([personal profile] violinsnbobbles) wrote 2015-04-29 05:06 am (UTC)

Smiles were Kotomi's modus operandi in her life, to things she didn't know about, could not explain, or would not confess, when she was feeling fear or would hide her sadness. Many times it was genuine ignorance, difficulties in reading others, on the things they felt in spite of her love to all peoples.

And sometimes, it was difficult to tell when, she just played dumb.

Kotomi the Unicorn smiled as she shuffled beside Twilight, bringing a book between them as she read aloud a treatise on short-distance travel using blink-long wormholes that could be created and immediately used with a focus on the desired location. And between bites, she hovered four chopsticks for the two of them, her own hovering to bring rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and fruits to nibble along, all but fish this time, and occassionally feeding Twilight as well.

"What species of Equs feerus caballus are you?" Out of the blue, she asks while turning to Twilight with the same smile, "you are capable of speech and possess a horn to perform spectral feats of magic such as levitation, and it's clear you are sentient by the possession of this library and dwelling, and that you are really, really smart. Smarter than anyone I've ever known."

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